Scripture teaches that God has a special concern for the poor and vulnerable. The Church calls on all of us to embrace this preferential option for the poor and vulnerable, to embody it in our lives, and to work to have it shape public policies and priorities. A fundamental measure of our society is how we care for and stand with the poor and vulnerable. —USCCB Administrative Committee, Faithful Citizenship: A Catholic Call to Political Responsibility.

Economic Justice

  • Supports legislation to limit predatory lending practices.
  • Supports a progressive tax system, a just living wage, and fair and reasonable labor practices by employers.
  • Opposes legislation that would allow for additional taxes and/or fees for services to be imposed on not-for-profit organizations.


Elderly Care

  • Supports measures to provide effective programs for those who are poor and elderly, including health care, transportation, housing and nutrition.
  • Supports the development of programs which would provide for a full continuum of care for moderate and low-income families, from care in the home, assisted living care and nursing home care, etc.
  • Operates the St. Martin de Porres multi-service center in Providence which coordinates with over 40 agencies in bringing services to Rhode Island’s seniors.
  • Sponsors the Neighborhood Friendly Visitor Program, which, developed in 1978, this community-based program provides volunteer visitors to Rhode Island’s lonely and isolated elders of all backgrounds and languages with the goal of ensuring that every senior remains a part of the community.


Environmental Issues

  • Supports measures to preserve, protect, and improve the quality of the air, water, and land in Rhode Island.
  • Supports strict enforcement of present environmental laws and adequate state funding for this purpose.  The Conference favors local control.
  • Supports efforts to expand renewable sources of energy in Rhode Island.
  • Supports the Holy Father Pope Francis’ June 2015 encyclical Laudato Si’ which is bringing worldwide attention to the Catholic Church’s long-held concerns for the human person and for the natural environment – and the interconnected threats to them both.



  • Supports efforts to create and preserve affordable housing units as well as rental assistance to low-income families. This includes shelter assistance and case management for homeless children and families, and rehabilitation of existing housing, both city and rural.
  • Sponsors Mandiemento Nuevo,  a non-profit housing corporation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence that works to provide affordable housing projects in Rhode Island. These projects are sponsored by the Diocese of Providence and establish financially feasible housing for qualifying families. The diocese established Mandamiento Nuevo to address the shortage of affordable housing in Rhode Island by transforming unused church property into reasonably priced homes.



  • Supports the basic human rights of documented and undocumented immigrants and refugees. This includes fair treatment under the law for all workers, a just living wage, safe working conditions, and for humane treatment of their children and families.
  • Opposes efforts to make state and local police responsible for the enforcement of federal immigration laws.
  • Called for an end to immigration raids and for ICE to allow agents to excuse themselves from participating in raids if such actions are not in conformity with their faith and conscience.